Life Happens

photo (4)Last night I came across a movie that I haven’t seen in a very long time called, “The Family Man.” Not sure if you have ever seen it before but it’s a romantic comedy starring Nicolas Cage and Tea Leoni and basically, at the heart of the plot, the story centers around “decisions” and what could have been had we made different choices in our past. Unlike Jack Campbell , the main character of the movie, we can’t go back in time to see a glimpse of what life could have been. We have to trust the decisions we make in the here and now on a daily basis.

I often find myself repeatedly telling my clients “Life happens every day for each of us”,  so simple  of a statement correct? What isn’t so simple is our reaction to the obstacles we encounter. Hard decisions will happen, this is inevitable. What separates the doers from what I like to call the “Excusers?” When life happens and it gets in the way of your daily plans, the doer does what he sets out to do.  The doer stays on track and doesn’t allow whatever the situation is to overshadow his or her whole entire day. The excuser looks to build upon nothingness, and try as hard as he may, at the end of the day, he/she will have accomplished nothing.

Your day should be comprised of a single vision, to fulfill your daily tasks towards your goals. Do Not become frazzled when an unplanned event stumbles upon you.  To start allowing the “NOISE” to permeate your brain waves is giving yourself permission to start making excuses.  Do what you set out to do each day and remember to “REMOVE the NOISE!