Life’s Crossroad

photo (5)I wouldn’t categorize myself as a theater buff but from time to time I do enjoy taking in all that the Big Apple has to offer, including their Broadway shows. For those of you who have yet to catch the amazing Idina Menzel in this thought provoking production about choices, discovery or call it even the uncontrollable power of FATE, then I suggest you add it to your to do list immediately.

During intermission it came to me; This show is very much in line with my favorite quote: “Man Plans, God Laughs.”  The main character, Elizabeth, is faced with choices and what if’s, thus leading her down two possible roads. In the end, in my opinion, she ended up exactly where she was suppose to be, so the question begs……When life happens, and it will, what are you going to do? If you are at a crossroads, will you let the “NOISE” permeate your brain and give you all the rationale to stop moving and deviate from your goals or are you going to handle the situation and move on calmly, focused and with your goal intact?

God does indeed laugh when we plan because he has it all planned out for us.  You need to focus on you and following your goals and overcoming adversity. Stop wallowing and do what ever you need to do to stay focused and on track.

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