What Does Money Guarantee?

For those Shark Tank fans out there, did last Friday’s episode leave you, like it did me, with an open mouth after Barbara Corcoran declared “I as a matter of principle, don’t invest in rich kids businesses.”  (look at the minute, 36 second mark 1:36)

Fellow Shark Tank member, Robert Herjavec said it best;  “success doesn’t care who your dad is – the hustle will get you there.” 

In my line of business, I coach a few select individuals that you would title, “Very Wealthy,” or “Masters of Industry.” Some of which come from substantial families and wherewithal, yet, success is NOT guaranteed.  Yes, they have outstanding businesses and have significantly impacted their field and region but time and time again, I have noticed that many are under the same pressures as any other person that did not have such a privileged background and lifestyle. Call it what you may, hustle, determination, or a spark, whatever it is, part of the challenges that we all face is being persistent and consistent to make our dreams a reality. The last thing you want to do is become a one hit wonder. Unfortunately, I have seen individuals have the world handed to them and yet they still managed to mess it all up so never lose focus of your goals and how to reach them. Stay focused, stay on track and moreover, do not let “NOISE”  like people’s opinions get in your way.

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