How Will Your Story Read?

WP PicMy current job title is “Leadership Development Coach.” People often ask, “what does that mean?”, “can you turn me into a leader?”, “can you make me a success?”, and the all too common question, “can you make me a MILLIONAIRE?” Although I consider myself extremely qualified to answer the questions since I have in fact helped individuals achieve those desires and many more, I believe that individuals that need to ask these particular questions, in this particular order, DO NOT truly want to hear the answer. Don’t get me wrong…..there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with having a desire for abundance. What I have proven time and time again is that desire alone will NOT help you climb that mountain.

ten-1428251-m Below, I have compiled my top 10 list, a road map so to speak of what I feel is needed in in order to be able to write the best story of your life. I can honestly say, when you understand the following, the road to success will be attainable.

  1. Personal VisionHow Do you see yourself?
  2. Time ManagementAre you disciplined?
  3. FinanceAre your accounts in order?
  4. Family is your relationships strong? (Wife, Kids, Parents)
  5. Integrity Are you trustworthy? 
  6. Social Are you living a good life? (Friends, Colleagues)
  7. Giving –  Are you generous? (time, charity, energy)
  8. Reflection – Do you set time aside? (meditation, reflection)
  9. FitnessDo you take care of your body?
  10. Openness – Are you honest with yourself and know when to seek a mentor or coach?

Remember, how do you want to be remembered? You may have been doing things the same way for the last several years but today is the day to make a change. Remove the “Noise” and just do it!



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