Success Is Not An Accident

Have you ever heard the term, Success is not accidental? Well you know what? …. IT ISN’T!

There are no shortcuts, more than likely you won’t win the lottery and above all, wishing for things or the right situation will not help you either.

Let me ask you, do you think that people that have good working relationships, or a great marriage, or are in good physical shape, all happened by accident or did they have measurable goals and a road map on how to attain their desires?

I can’t stress the importance of having goals and more importantly, WRITING THEM DOWN!

You need to see your goals in black and white. Go ahead, write them down now.  Yes, stop reading for a moment and write down your top 5 goals, RIGHT NOW!

  1. What are your career goals?
  2. What are your relationship goals?
  3. What are your health and fitness goals?
  4. What are financial goals?
  5. What are your spiritual goals?

Did you write them down? Are you holding them in front of you? Having your goals in your head is not enough. “Remove the Noise.” Stop all the excuses you tell yourself. You are not too old or not educated enough or whatever other road blocks you set up in your brain to help you procrastinate from doing what needs to be done to take you to the next level.

You may have a dream, you may have a wish but they won’t become a reality by wishing them into existence.

I can’t tell you how many times during my coaching sessions I have grown men become emotional when they see their goals written out.  There is an enormous amount of drive that rises to the surface because their inner being truly wants what is written on those pages. Whatever feelings arise within you, work with it, harness that emotion.  Whether it be good or bad, because they will catapult you to the next level. Just keep in mind to remove the noise. Keep the negativity at bay and use the good feelings to keep yourself accountable. Dissect and break your goals down in order for them to be measurable on a quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily basis.

I work with successful people all day long. They don’t come to me because they are lacking financially. In fact, the opposite is true. They want to be super successful. Not only financially but in all aspects of their lives. A financial goal is perfectly OK with me but I hold them accountable to the top 5 goals we just discussed above and then some. I hold them accountable to THEMSELVES.  I want to develop who they are as a leader, a friend, a sibling, a parent, etc. Like a fine tuned instrument, or a perfectly choreographed play. A TRUE leader’s worst critic is themselves. I’m doing the same with you today.

Stop procrastinating, make a change right now. Not tomorrow, not later, RIGHT NOW!

Keep me posted…..I would love to hear from you.



Are You Drinking Coffee?


B – BE


Always…. Be…. Closing!

A line made famous by actor Alec Baldwin in the 1992 film Glengarry Glen Ross.

22 years later…..Listen very carefully, 22 years later and the premise is still the same today. What are you willing to do to get the deal done? How persistent are you? What’s your motivating factor? Are you doing what works consistently?

Wake up people! You want to make 500K a year, a million dollars a year, or even more….I don’t care what the number is;  What I do care is that you have the drive, the perseverance and the work ethic to get up every morning and do what others aren’t willing to do. When you accomplish that, the numbers will follow.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling.  Do people want to do business with you?  Ask yourself these leading questions, then sit down and look in the mirror.

What are you going to do now???

Winning the Game of Life


Am I yelling this? YES!

Am I passionate about this message? ABSOLUTELY!

Get out there….do something you love. Create your own future. Develop a ridiculous, obsessive work ethic because the only one that can hold you back is YOU.

Begin right now. Get out there and make it your best week ever.