Mediocrity Is Unacceptable

Our company’s motto is; Mediocrity is unacceptable. I instill this value in one form or another, into all of my clients programs. Not because I want them to be the best, but for one reason and one reason only, because I know they have it in them to be the best! I know they have what it takes to accomplish the goals they set out for themselves.

We are never too old to start moving away from things that hold us back, and according to Cory Nieves, he is proof positive that we are surely never too young.

Cory Nieves is an impressive CEO. A stylish man to say the least and the poster child for NOT Accepting Mediocrity. When life handed him lemons, he didn’t make lemonade, he made hot cocoa and cookies and began an empire and he did it all by the ripe age of 10 years old.

How? …… Why?……

He did this because he DID NOT accept mediocrity. When faced with the challenge of his mother not having a vehicle to drive him back and forth to school and enduring too many winter mornings waiting for public transportation, he developed a can do attitude, he didn’t accept his shortcomings and was determined to figure out a way.

Some may ask; Was he more fearless than others? Naive to failure? I do not have the answers for I do not know Mr. Nieves personally but I will say this, whatever fueled that fire within, he for sure DID NOT allow being a product of his environment to hold him back. He DID NOT allow noise to fester in his mind and more importantly, he DID NOT allow mediocrity to be a staple in his world.

To date, Corey Nieves has accomplished more than his original goal of getting his mother a car. Take a page from Cory’s book and never forget.………..MEDIOCRITY…… IS…… UNACCEPTABLE!

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