There Are Three Kinds Of People In The World

The person that MAKES things happen.

The person that WATCHES things happen.

The person that says WHAT the F**** just happened.

What are you going to do TODAY to take control of your life and be HAPPY?

Most people don’t do anything and that is okay if you are a conformist and enjoy basking in mediocrity.

Are you like “Most” people?

My clients definitely are not like most people and if you are taking the time to read this, you know deep down that you not only know better, but also want better for yourself.

Those who make things happen do not take “NO” for an answer. They take the bull by the horns and get up every morning ready to succeed. Ready to do what needs to be done in order to achieve the goals they set forth for themselves. They have an underlying drive that propels them to achieve what mediocre people only dream of.

How easy would life be if you could just wait for someone to deliver your dreams on a silver platter? If you think this sounds cliché, guess what, it isn’t. This is the mentality I come across day in and day out. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not a full on verbal admittance of procrastination, but their actions and behaviors are clear indicators of how these individuals have conditioned their life and thought process.

You are either a:

WILL do it

WON’T do it

CAN’T do it type of a person. The choice is yours!

Don’t let life pass you by. Take advantage of all the opportunities that are around you. Trust me, there are no scarcity of stepping stones out there ready to take you to where you want to be in life.  All you need to do is open your eyes, Get rid of the NOISE! Keep your end goal in mind…MAKE IT HAPPEN! The reality is, only you can.

I have said this at least three times today already.

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.”

Remember, Don’t be that person that says, “What the F**** Just Happened?”

Go forth and act accordingly…Make it happen NOW!


Get Moving