“Anything the Mind Can Perceive it Can Achieve”

Engage in the life YOU want

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” We’ve all heard that saying before but how many actually understand its meaning?

Who wants to extend themselves beyond their comfort zone? Of course no one wants to leave their comfort zone, because that would mean that our flaws would be visible to all those around us. Stress would enter our lives and even worse, if we fail, the embarrassment would set in.

 STOP THE NOISE! Change your pre-conceived limits right now!

In life, MOST conform. MOST stay stagnant and MOST never stretch past their comfort zone. I’ve often said this and I will say it again…..

“Mediocrity is UNACCEPTABLE!!”

Most people do not understand that your beliefs and more importantly, the beliefs you have about yourself, will determine your behavior in the long run.  Sure you can convince yourself to let’s say, go to the gym or eat healthy or better yet, start working on your goals list, but if you don’t shift your thinking, if you don’t actually push yourself, physically and mentally, then you will not be able to create long term growth and satisfaction.

I realize that on the surface you believe that you will stick to your desired goal, but this is simply not factual. YOU need to reach down deep. YOU need to go to the root of your desire. YOU need to realize that “Thing”, whatever that thing is that you are truly passionate about. YOU need to challenge yourself to take action today, NOW, so that your desire becomes the driving force and your mindset is so in tune with the belief that you can and will accomplish whatever you set out to do. Then and only then will nothing stand in your way.

Stop running away from challenges. Stop telling yourself the “Noise” of what is possible or not. Why it can not be done. Make it so that not only do things get done, but get done the way YOU want it to be done.   You know that “to do” list that you have?  Do the hard things first.  Dream and do the things that scare you the most first.  Then and only then will you grow, develop and satisfy your inner desire.  Build an identity around that goal of yours.  Stop looking for easy. EASY DOES NOT WORK!  Easy will not get you the life of your dreams.  Easy doesn’t allow your God given gifts and talents to shine through. Trust me, the things that you are passionate about will only begin to monetize when you challenge yourself.

It is time to embrace who YOU are.  Show the world who YOU are.

And most importantly, ACT ACCORDINGLY!!!


Take Action, Today!

Sitting at my local Starbucks recently, I overheard a young adult asking her mother; “Why did you let me quit?”  The young lady was making reference to her younger days as a ballet dancer. The mother was taken aback by the questioning.  Her reply was simple, “I let you quit because you wanted to.” I of course, being my shy self introduced myself and stimulated a conversation. The mother didn’t want to push her daughter. She felt she didn’t show any passion for the activity.  Now, years later, the mother found herself in a catch 22 situation.  The daughter felt that she didn’t know better.  That she needed someone to tell her what to do and yes, even if it was forced, she felt that her life would have turned out differently had she had that push. The young girl felt that she would be thinner today, more confident and more importantly, she would have been confident enough to have conquered life, and so forth and so on.

Are you that young lady in some way shape or form? Do you need a push, someone to tell you to jump as you stand at the edge of the cliff called life?

JUMP! Yes…..DO IT……JUMP!!!

I am here to tell you that if you want to be successful, if you want to go farther than you ever imagined, then you need to jump. Take that leap of faith; Trust that I know what I’m talking about and take the first step to making your dreams a reality.  As you stand on that cliff of life, you may not have those white wings that you need to carry you safely to the bottom, but guess what?  Sooner rather than later those wings will extend and YOU WILL land safely.

Now hear me when I tell you this, you will stumble, you will lose control and descend faster than you would like. You will feel uncomfortable and you will lose faith that you will not be able to attain your goals. You will face all that and much more, but in the end YOU WILL SUCCEED!

Standing on the edge of the cliff, do you want to be that young girl full of regret, or do you want to jump and try to spread your wings?  The choice is yours.  I’m here to tell you that it’s better to jump and try to accomplish something, rather than to stand there and look out over the horizon and wonder why life isn’t fair.

Here are a few steps on how to prepare for your leap:

  • Determine what EXACTLY you want to achieve, and then write it down.
  • Formulate a precise plan, a road map if you will on how to get there.  Make sure you have specific milestones and a specific timeline as to when you will hit each milestone.
  • Take action. Implement your plan with passion, desire and unwavering conviction that you will succeed.

Success Is Not An Accident

Have you ever heard the term, Success is not accidental? Well you know what? …. IT ISN’T!

There are no shortcuts, more than likely you won’t win the lottery and above all, wishing for things or the right situation will not help you either.

Let me ask you, do you think that people that have good working relationships, or a great marriage, or are in good physical shape, all happened by accident or did they have measurable goals and a road map on how to attain their desires?

I can’t stress the importance of having goals and more importantly, WRITING THEM DOWN!

You need to see your goals in black and white. Go ahead, write them down now.  Yes, stop reading for a moment and write down your top 5 goals, RIGHT NOW!

  1. What are your career goals?
  2. What are your relationship goals?
  3. What are your health and fitness goals?
  4. What are financial goals?
  5. What are your spiritual goals?

Did you write them down? Are you holding them in front of you? Having your goals in your head is not enough. “Remove the Noise.” Stop all the excuses you tell yourself. You are not too old or not educated enough or whatever other road blocks you set up in your brain to help you procrastinate from doing what needs to be done to take you to the next level.

You may have a dream, you may have a wish but they won’t become a reality by wishing them into existence.

I can’t tell you how many times during my coaching sessions I have grown men become emotional when they see their goals written out.  There is an enormous amount of drive that rises to the surface because their inner being truly wants what is written on those pages. Whatever feelings arise within you, work with it, harness that emotion.  Whether it be good or bad, because they will catapult you to the next level. Just keep in mind to remove the noise. Keep the negativity at bay and use the good feelings to keep yourself accountable. Dissect and break your goals down in order for them to be measurable on a quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily basis.

I work with successful people all day long. They don’t come to me because they are lacking financially. In fact, the opposite is true. They want to be super successful. Not only financially but in all aspects of their lives. A financial goal is perfectly OK with me but I hold them accountable to the top 5 goals we just discussed above and then some. I hold them accountable to THEMSELVES.  I want to develop who they are as a leader, a friend, a sibling, a parent, etc. Like a fine tuned instrument, or a perfectly choreographed play. A TRUE leader’s worst critic is themselves. I’m doing the same with you today.

Stop procrastinating, make a change right now. Not tomorrow, not later, RIGHT NOW!

Keep me posted…..I would love to hear from you.


Being the Best Version of You

muscles-up--musculos-para-cim-223838-mMy clients are always surprised when I touch base on their exercise routine or their diet. I hear them say,

“uh, how often do I workout?

 “David, what does working out have to do with coaching?”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that asked of me.

Your body is your temple. It’s an extension of your mind. Why wouldn’t you work on your best asset?

You are the total package and if you don’t take your WHOLE self seriously, NOBODY else will!meditation-2-1185531-m

My meetings often revolve around the basis of removing negative thoughts which I’ve appropriately titled, “Removing the Noise”. I incorporate this piece of the puzzle into our coaching sessions to help develop a great work ethic. Now, I generally do not push the envelope when it comes to religion or spirituality but I believe it’s an integral part of one’s self and contributes to us becoming whole in our businesses. Since I believe malnutrition of the body is linked with malfunction of the mind, I provide my clients with a few helpful tips.

  1. Awareness – What gets your juices flowing early in the morning?
  • Is it working out?
  • Meditating?
  • Listening to music?
  • Yoga?
  1. Energy – Be mindful of what provides energy and what drains it.
  • Negative people
  • Stressful situations
  • Work
  • Home
  1. Self-Care – Are you eating properly?
  1. Passion – What are your values, morals and drivers?
  •  Do you take a moment to do the activities you love?
  • If you love something, get out and do it. Share your passion with someone.
  1. Mindset – Stay positive, always maintain accountability to yourself and those around you. Most importantly create the culture around your world the way YOU want it to be.

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

Here are some interesting statistics that will radically change your life. 

  • Less than 3% of the population earn over $250,000. Per year. 12% of those people use some form of life coach.
  • Less than 2% of the population earn over $300,000. Per year.  18% of those people use some form of a life coach.
  • Less than 1% of the population earn over $500,000. Per year. 32% of those people use some form of a life coach.  

Makes you stop and think. WHY do people that earn more money need a coach?

The answer is:  to stay on track and have a second set of eyes and intelligence to keep you accountable to the goals you set out to achieve.

(There is no difference between you and an athlete or a CEO, a President or a leader).

Be accountable to yourself and remove the noise…