History In The Making. Make Yours!

For my loyal readers, I know you are used to seeing a short video to go along with my daily messages. After much thought, I would like to share with you a slide share that I came across. I feel it is not always what we hear that makes us feel but that visuals too are a great way to stir the soul.

As you make your way through the images, I hope you can read through the hidden messages. Amazingly enough, they pertain to things I guide my clients on a daily basis.

Today’s post in no way has a political message. I hope that yesterday’s world events touched you as much as they touched me and that you are proud to be who you are.  That it encourages you to strive to make a difference in whatever capacity you see fit, whether in the world, your home life, or in business.

The question stands, how does this pertain to coaching?

Commitment – World leaders set their differences aside to show unity to the world in a time that was needed most.

Action – They did not wait for tomorrow or next week to organize a perfectly orchestrated event.  They went ahead and did it. Then and Now.

Contagious – They did it with such conviction and belief that they created a buzz that became contagious.

Inspire – Seeing 3.7 million people gather in unity to combat a long standing problem

Learn – Leaders that have huge differences every day, from a line on a map or a faith in their religion set them aside for the greater good. They learned to see the prize and the end.

Motivate – At the end of the day these leaders forecasted to have 1 million people gather to send a message to terrorism. They were able to motivate 3.7 million people to stand tall in their own belief and they made a statement for the world to notice.

At the end of the day I am not saying you need to make a stance as these leaders did, but what I am saying is that you need to have the heart to make life happen on your terms. To have the conviction that you control the world around you. To move forward knowing that you can do whatever you set your mind to do.