Stop The Noise!

How do you want to be remembered?

As the person that stumbled, failed and did not get back up?

As the person who saw their setbacks as temporary and did NOT lose their confidence to push forward and accomplish greatness?

Today we celebrate the birth of a man who is the epitome of the latter. A man who after enduring numerous failures, trials and tribulations, ones that would break even the strongest of persons, ran for president, a position he had no business running for, but he did and guess what, … HE WON!

I want you to keep something in mind: YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK.

You have what it takes inside of you. Be persistent, try different things but never give up until you reach your goal. Limits exist only in your mind so I need you to believe that you can accomplish your goals.

The one thing I don’t want to hear is the whoa is me attitude. You know who you are. You THINK you’ve done all you can do…..WRONG!

STOP THE NOISE! Get real with your goals. How far are you willing to go to accomplish them? If you settle for good enough, then that’s all you will ever be. But SUCCESS, true success comes from hunger, desire and a willingness to do what others aren’t.

Like Lincoln, if you have failed then get up, dust yourself off and begin a new, because there is no better time than the present to change your world. No one is perfect but the ultimate goal is right in front of you. What better day to start and take control of your future than on this monumental day. Make Lincoln’s birthday your marker and by next year, your accomplishments will speak louder than your words. Get up, get out and do it. Don’t complain, don’t make excuses, ignore the naysayers, in fact, make them choke on their words.