The Power Of Coaching

How apropos to stumble upon a clip of this funny movie (Shallow Hal) to make today’s point.

I’m sure most of us at one time or another has seen the movie starring Jack Black (Hal Larson) as the superficial, modelesque obsessed man who only sees a woman’s physical beauty instead of their inner beauty. Of Course, as fate would have it, he runs into the famous Life Coach and Self-Help guru Tony Robbins, whom, while stuck in an elevator, hypnotizes Hal into recognizing only the inner beauty of women.

The question lends itself, how does this relate to everyday business?

If you want to be a LEADER, then you need to be credible. In order to be credible and accomplish that, you need to know whom you are talking to, whether it is a single individual or an entire audience. If you are presenting yourself or your message in a superficial manner, then you are not going to come across as real or authentic.

Listen very carefully, I’m the guru today and you are my shallow Hal. Let me hypnotize you into believing two very important things…

In order to be successful, the person on the other side of the table needs to BELIEVE and FEEL within themselves that you are being sincere, honest and have their best interest at heart. Then and only then do you have the platform to demonstrate that you are the expert in the field, and in turn they will buy you and what you are selling.

The reality is, in our ever-changing society where everyone is looking towards the Internet or technology in order to satisfy there every desire, the truth is, people are craving the basics. The one on one, face-to-face real person interaction, in order to confide in someone they truly feel comfortable giving their business to, but most importantly, trust to get the job done. The competition is so small. With all of the call centers in other countries and all of the commerce done over the internet, more and more high powered individuals are craving the REAL sales professional. Not some call center operator or superficial idiot on the other end of a internet connection.

Dare to be different, stop trying to follow a script, take control of your sales process and demonstrate in all areas of your life that you are the rainmaker. That you are the true professional in your world. That at the end of the day the people you meet not only want to do business with you, but they NEED you in their lives.


New Program Hits The Boardroom

FindelMonmouth County, NJ, 05 February, 2015 – According to a round-table conducted by leadership development coach David Findel, stockbrokers are suffering from a crisis of visionary management. Findel found that out of the numerous stock brokers he coached during a recent seminar, 93% of the brokers lack the ability to sustain successful consistent production. He refers to it as the Rat catching the cheese syndrome.

“Passion, Drive, and Commitment does not even begin to describe the intensity David Findel conveys to an audience.” States this Managing Director of a New York City Brokerage.IMG_4388

Findel has taken his “Removing the Noise” and “Power of accountability program” and has landed it squarely into the boardroom. In a time when movies such as the blockbuster hit, The Wolf of Wall street depicts scenes of large boardrooms with stockbrokers having ridiculous fun and antics, Findel cuts through the outrageous dreams of fast cars and short lived gains and propels rooms of sales people to the platform of true goals, real growth and serious long term success.

If you are one of the lucky SPG clients to have secured a spot in Findel’s busy 2015 coaching calendar, then you know that he methodically lays out a roadmap for each and every one of his clients which clearly demonstrates how each and every individual must document their goals, make a commitment and create a method in how to be accountable to oneself. Findel teaches the art of accountability and in turn how to expand the growth of your small to mid-size firm, into a successful well tuned enterprise. Findel does all this by breaking down peoples belief limitations. “Those insecurities that hold back said individuals are the most dangerous,” states Findel. “My agenda in every meeting is to combat the noise, the fact that brokers have the ability to make a large sum of money in one week, then they tend to stop doing the very thing that made them the money, for a week or sometimes even worse, a month”. “That is not the way to run a firm long term”

During the roundtable discussions, As members of the audience gave reasons as to why they cannot do what they have committed to in the past, Findel fired back with the utmost precision as to the reasons why they can and gave them numerous reasons as to why they just used what he titled “Noise” as an excuse. “Whatever the mind can perceive it can and will achieve”, is not just a rah-rah energized motivational speech for Findel. He instills that belief in every one in the room and it shows in the way they carry themselves while tackling their goals.

Strategic Performance Group is proud to partner with Findel to create a world-class leadership development solutions exclusively tailored for stockbrokers of all levels. Together, they leverage management insights and sales leadership, and couple it with Findel’s expertise in “Removing the Noise”, to create the very best business development solution. With more than 20 years of practical experience, Findel will drive measurable and lasting business results to any boardroom. For more information on Corporate Learning Program, visit

What Does Money Guarantee?

For those Shark Tank fans out there, did last Friday’s episode leave you, like it did me, with an open mouth after Barbara Corcoran declared “I as a matter of principle, don’t invest in rich kids businesses.”  (look at the minute, 36 second mark 1:36)

Fellow Shark Tank member, Robert Herjavec said it best;  “success doesn’t care who your dad is – the hustle will get you there.” 

In my line of business, I coach a few select individuals that you would title, “Very Wealthy,” or “Masters of Industry.” Some of which come from substantial families and wherewithal, yet, success is NOT guaranteed.  Yes, they have outstanding businesses and have significantly impacted their field and region but time and time again, I have noticed that many are under the same pressures as any other person that did not have such a privileged background and lifestyle. Call it what you may, hustle, determination, or a spark, whatever it is, part of the challenges that we all face is being persistent and consistent to make our dreams a reality. The last thing you want to do is become a one hit wonder. Unfortunately, I have seen individuals have the world handed to them and yet they still managed to mess it all up so never lose focus of your goals and how to reach them. Stay focused, stay on track and moreover, do not let “NOISE”  like people’s opinions get in your way.

Don’t be Negative

About you? No, Well, isn’t it  all about you?, yes,  its about me and you, but wait, I’m confused…..sound familiar, as in a Progressive car insurance commercial? If you have never heard of the website, I suggest you head over there right now and start an account and see why I feel this site is the modern day version of people watching. allows you to talk about yourself in the bio section. It allows people to know more about what you stand for in your own words and to be able to find your web-presence easily, whether it be on LinkedIn or twitter, you can easily have access to said individuals.

After reading several bio’s and please let me state for the record, the majority are so incredible that you have no choice but to be humbled by their accomplishments, but once in a while you will come across some really funny ones such as:

– The Professional Daydreamer  (What do you think the Salary on this one is?)

– The Coffee Drinker, Maker, Faker  (A Coffee Faker? Never heard of that)

– The Imagination-centric Husband (uh? Needs to imagine himself with another wife?)

Finally, I came across a bio that is the epitome of what I call “Negative Noise.”A bio that actually prompted this blog post. For the protection of said individual, I will sum up his/her bio in a short sentence… “If anything can not go wrong, it will anyway.” Basically they are quoting Murphy’s Law under their own rendition.

Everything this person speaks of is negative.  Therefore, they have no chance at all of achieving anything but negative results.  I must revert to a saying I repeat many times in a day; “What ever the mind can see and perceive it can achieve”  but the pendulum swings both to the negative side as well as the positive.  Be careful what you hold yourself out for.  YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU WANT!

In the meantime, I will look for an AA meeting. ( Anonymous) 

Did I Say That?

satellite-dish-1443853-mWe have all seen the funny Verizon commercials in which the technicians states over and over again, “Can You Hear Me Now?”  Over the years in business and in my role as a CEO, I’ve noticed that people really don’t “hear” what the other person is trying to say and even worse, they can’t express properly the thoughts they form in their mind. I call this, “ineffective communication”, and it’s the most common type of mistake I’ve witnessed over the years. 

People often say to me, “David, isn’t communication a broad, over-used term?” To peel the proverbial onion, I’ve found that there are generally four types of ineffective communication and yes, I will admit to having made every mistake that follows. 

  • Context 
  • Wrong Audience 
  • Delayed Information 
  • Inaccurate Information 

Now I won’t bore you with a detailed explanation of each of the above mentioned but I will say briefly that people often fail to provide background information which is key to the recipients decision making. We also tend keep our audience out of the loop, thus making it difficult for the listener to react on the correct message being delivered. At the end of the day, we must provide timely information as in the words of William Shakespeare himself, “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.”  Finally, and more detrimental is verbalizing inaccuracies and although it doesn’t frequently happen, when it does, it could be detrimental.