“Anything the Mind Can Perceive it Can Achieve”

Engage in the life YOU want

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” We’ve all heard that saying before but how many actually understand its meaning?

Who wants to extend themselves beyond their comfort zone? Of course no one wants to leave their comfort zone, because that would mean that our flaws would be visible to all those around us. Stress would enter our lives and even worse, if we fail, the embarrassment would set in.

 STOP THE NOISE! Change your pre-conceived limits right now!

In life, MOST conform. MOST stay stagnant and MOST never stretch past their comfort zone. I’ve often said this and I will say it again…..

“Mediocrity is UNACCEPTABLE!!”

Most people do not understand that your beliefs and more importantly, the beliefs you have about yourself, will determine your behavior in the long run.  Sure you can convince yourself to let’s say, go to the gym or eat healthy or better yet, start working on your goals list, but if you don’t shift your thinking, if you don’t actually push yourself, physically and mentally, then you will not be able to create long term growth and satisfaction.

I realize that on the surface you believe that you will stick to your desired goal, but this is simply not factual. YOU need to reach down deep. YOU need to go to the root of your desire. YOU need to realize that “Thing”, whatever that thing is that you are truly passionate about. YOU need to challenge yourself to take action today, NOW, so that your desire becomes the driving force and your mindset is so in tune with the belief that you can and will accomplish whatever you set out to do. Then and only then will nothing stand in your way.

Stop running away from challenges. Stop telling yourself the “Noise” of what is possible or not. Why it can not be done. Make it so that not only do things get done, but get done the way YOU want it to be done.   You know that “to do” list that you have?  Do the hard things first.  Dream and do the things that scare you the most first.  Then and only then will you grow, develop and satisfy your inner desire.  Build an identity around that goal of yours.  Stop looking for easy. EASY DOES NOT WORK!  Easy will not get you the life of your dreams.  Easy doesn’t allow your God given gifts and talents to shine through. Trust me, the things that you are passionate about will only begin to monetize when you challenge yourself.

It is time to embrace who YOU are.  Show the world who YOU are.

And most importantly, ACT ACCORDINGLY!!!